Haute Couture

Elie Saab Spring-Summer 2024

In an enchanted medina, time drifts in the warm caress of a desert breeze. Labyrinthian alleyways promise marvelous encounters at every turn, gradually unfolding like the petals of a rare DESERT ROSE––her mesmerizing beauty only painted in the words of the hakawati. Such magic and allure whisper through ELIE SAAB, who brings together lavish textures, exquisitely sculpted lines and sultry breaths of Marrakesh into haute couture Spring-Summer 2024, a captivating collection with a thousand and one secrets to share.

Day break embraces the old city in spectrums of light pastels and streamlined silhouettes, of blush pink chiffon clouds and lilac blue crepe skies with warm glimmers of crystal rays. In search of the mythical bloom, the rising sun wanders through sandstone tulle passages, illuminating gilded coats woven from intricate metallic knits, silk thread tresses, and ornate engraved porticos. Magnificent archways open onto hidden courtyards with luscious canopies of feather flowers that sway into gradient capes, and dew-kissed florals that glitter and glisten across organza. Vibrant mosaics grace cascading fountains in organic motifs of curve-tracing corsets and twisting halter necklines that flow into colonnade skirts with illusions of layers.

The pulse of the city resonates through the lively street as the evening begins its ripple and pleat into shimmering lurex contours. Opulent aromas of amber and sandalwood lingers in the air like sensuous satin that generously drapes into sweetheart necklines and an hourglass embrace. Dazzling constellations of sequin fringe cape sleeves and sinuously beaded mermaid tails trace an ethereal light trail to a veiled oasis. In the hidden heart of the casbah, the mythical DESERT ROSE materializes. Glistening golden foliage harmoniously arabesques into a royal bridal train that forever fade into a mirage of whispered time.


ELIE SAAB haute couture Spring-Summer 2024 is a tapestry of eternal wonder, weaving magic into a captivating reality. The collection will whisper its secrets to those who listen, inviting them to become part of its enchanted tales.


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