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Marriage Proposal Ideas

Wedding proposals are commonly known for being perhaps the most romantic moment in a couple’s story. While tradition has it that the parents of the groom-to-be visit the parents of the bride-to-be and ask for her hand in marriage, things are a little, sometimes a lot, different nowadays.  Guys are not only popping the question themselves, and to the girl herself, but they are doing it in a variety of settings, in a variety of ways and with a variety of words.  Regardless of differences in style, the one thing all guys proposing share is the hope of their romantic aspirations being met with the right answer…
While there will always be those guys who will be answered with a straight, fat No, a deterring look of confusion or an honest state of shock, some will hear an acceptance coupled with either a burst of tears or a life-threatening hug. Many a woman has divulged that the physical and emotional response to a proposal of marriage depends much on how you are asked!! So for the guys, figuring out how to propose to the woman of their dreams can well and truly lead to sleepless, sweat-filled, nightmare-driven nights. This is a moment that will be one of those stories told from generation to generation; it will never be forgotten and it will never go away. It is as memorable for the man as it is for the woman because its significance is grand in its representation of a turning point in your life, marking the beginning of a new path you walk, a new journey you embark on. 
So guys, get ready to brainstorm some ideas and work your imagination; make your proposal one never to be forgotten, one that sets the standards in originality, bravery, and style… and of course, make it romantic!
However, romance is not the only thing involved in the process; you need to be aware of what makes your lady tick.  You want to convey the message that you know and understand her well enough to propose in a manner that suits who she is.  So, if by chance she is not in the least romantic, then forget about romance and focus on something else about her that stands out; that defines her.  In other words, a wedding proposal needs to be personalized.


Here is a bouquet of some simple ideas to get you started
Many people like to go all out and propose on a romantic hideaway or at a beach resort.  Assuming this fits your girlfriend’s taste, it could be the perfect setting. If you need a little help with the mood, there is a wide selection of hotels which offer indoor venues to help you set the right atmosphere. Alternatively, you can pick a more intimate and sentimental place like her favorite isolated spot, the place where you first met, or where you went on you fist date.  There are many places that have their fair share of magical traits and romantic impressions. What matters most is that you show that you've put some time and some care into making everything as special as possible; you want to show that you do care and that you do know a little something about her, even if it is something as simple as her favorite restaurant. 


If she’s the helpless romantic type, you can be sure the message in the bottle trick won’t fail you. So have her best friend take her out to the beach and write ‘Will You Marry Me’ on a note, put it in the bottle and plant it there for her to pick up. Another thought is to pick a special date, her birthday, Valentine’s or your anniversary, and offer her a day at the spa. Make a reservation in a high-end restaurant or send red roses to her room and top it all with the icing on the cake, your engagement ring.


On a different note, you can propose among friends; you are still giving her all your attention and making her feel like ‘the queen of hearts’, surrounded with a familiar and cozy entourage. Choose a location where you know she will be relaxed. See what she prefers best, or even make it in the season she likes most.  Take her on a ski trip in the winter or a cruise in the summer.  Have your friends be there so she can have all and every reason to be at ease. Be mindful that if your girlfriend is embarrassed easily, a more intimate setting would be suitable. She might prefer something more casual and quiet that is not going to draw attention to her. Loud or quiet, all girls like to be taken by surprise, so be sure to choose a moment she least expects it. 


Don’t be afraid to come up with a new way to sweep her off her feet. That is what she expects. Be it covering her car with red rose petals, or an art piece that puts the words in the most refined way of expression. Take it to the extremes if that is the kind of couple you are. Or simply add to your romance a pinch of eccentricity that would shock and impress her. What matters is that you make all the details count. 


However much the times are changing and the ways of proposing are forever growing in originality and uniqueness, there remains one constant. So, whether you are at the beach, in the fanciest of restaurants or among family and friends, get down on one knee (after checking the ring is in your pocket), and ask her to be your wife. 


The bottom line of wedding proposals is that you really want your lady to feel genuine, unique, and appreciated, so she understands how important she is to you. You need to delve deep into your heart, and well into her desires, only then will you bring forth all of the magic and all of the love that she's inspired in you. 


So there you go. All you have to do now is bring up your courage and take the plunge. Think simple or think big. A proposal in the apartment can be equivalent to a proposal on Mount Everest depending on your lady’s character. Put her in the right mood, and pop the question she’s waiting to hear. Do it with class and show her you are worthy of her heart as she is worthy of your love.
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