Today's Outlook with designer Joseph Abboud in New York
“Creating clothes isn’t just about design, it’s about understanding lifestyles,” said Joseph Abboud in his first insightful interview with Today’s Outlook back in 1996.
Abboud launched his own label in 1988. He was the first designer to win the Council of Fashion Designers of America award as Best Menswear Designer two years in a row. In 2000, he sold his trademarks and name to JA Apparel and in 2005 he left the company. In 2013, he reacquired the brand. More recently, in March 2020, the Joseph Abboud brand was acquired by WHP Global.
Today, more than two decades after our initial interview, we caught up with the award-winning designer to talk fashion, the highs and lows of his career, his mission to help men look and feel better and raise the perception of style with American men, his ties to his Lebanese heritage, his family, and more.
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