Romance is in the Air!

Twice a year designers enchant us with their haute couture creations, and this year was no exception! Never failing to raise the bar of sophistication and re-define our notions of style, the much-anticipated lavish collections dazzled the crowd. Romance was indeed the inspiration du jour, as serene models glided down the runway in dresses that would make any girl feel like a princess. With flowing chiffon and delicate feathers, entire collections were reminiscent of our favorite fairytale.














The deep and varied palette of colors, from gold and silver to burgundy and royal blue, added to the charm and eloquence of the collections, while the ethereal aesthetic served as the magic wand diffusing the aura of romance! Though not uncommon for fashion designers to seek inspiration in art, this year the influence was definitely more apparent with dramatic dresses featuring artistic prints and influences showcased as ‘wearable art’.






Designers seemed to be using up all their granted wishes this season with couture gowns featuring extreme embellishing; from delicate lace and intricate embroidery to feathers, fringe and jewels.  This year’s stunning creations are sure to rekindle your belief in Fairy Godmothers! 



Emilio Pucci 2019
Bottega Veneta
Valentino pre fall 19