Lala Queen Launches Its First Standalone Boutique in Beirut

Featuring handcrafted sophistication, LaLa Queen has launched its first standalone boutique in Beirut. 
Designer Sally Sarieddine presents each collection as an inspiration from different experiences. The moon, geometry and tiles all play in the construction of her insights. The result is a collection of glamorous handbags that are sophisticated and achingly vintage. Entering her store, one steps into the imaginative, visionary and vibrant mind of the designer. A world that combines experience, arts and design. The collection in itself is unique and timeless, and the story it tells is vivid and fun. Today’s Outlook met the designer to talk about her ideas and aspirations.
What was the idea behind your first design “Dr. Bag” and what were your inspirations for the designs that followed?
Every collection has a story and a particular inspiration. “Dr. Bag” is inspired by an actual vintage doctor’s bag that I found on a treasure hunt in Florence. The geometric collection is inspired by geometry and crystals. The Q collection is inspired by tiles in Turkey, and the moon collection is inspired by the cycles of the moon. So each collection’s story is presented through the aesthetic of the pieces - their shapes, colors and materials.


How do you manage to remain authentic by encouraging local, skilled artisans while still being fashion forward?
By staying on top of things, being patient and making sure that every idea goes through in production.


Why did you choose Beirut to launch your first standalone store?
Our production is in Beirut, where the leather is sourced and handmade by local, skilled artisans.


As a young Lebanese designer, how would you want to differentiate yourself from others?
I think that every designer is unique in a way; every designer has his or her own fingerprint so it’s just by being creative and by staying true to my brand.


What motto do you want your brand to portray?
I want it to portray a sense of experience. I don’t want people to just buy a handbag, I want them to have a full and nice experience while buying it. This is why the boutique is designed as an art gallery and why every collection has a story and an inspiration behind it. It’s about connecting art and design.
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