Bohemian Flair

Bold, arty, comfortable, wild, feminine, fresh and always unpredictably unique, Bohemian vibes have found their way into this summer’s collections, bringing with them the spirit of creativity and freedom of expression. The Boho style is relatively young, blossoming in the 60s, and was adopted back then by artists and anyone who cherished being wrapped up in an air of joy and freedom. With so many Boho inspired collections out there at the moment, this is your chance to seize the opportunity and create a look that is uniquely yours, one that you simply can’t go wrong with!
Boho What?
While the one rule here is to seek freedom and not follow any rules, there are a few main elements that make up the Boho style, and set it apart from other trends. The first thing to look for is natural fabrics, and these can include anything from fur, leather and suede, to cotton, linen, silk, velvet and chiffon. Choose natural tones and colors, and don’t skimp on patterns! Floral patterns especially are a trademark of this style, but things like ethnic prints, checks, and several other patterns will also work. When you look for designs and cuts, choose long flowing skirts, high-waist designs, different textures in the same piece, details like knitted embellishments, large accessories, fringes, and flared sleeves or pants. 


How to Boho
You don’t have to declare yourself a hippie to take on the Boho trend of the season, because you can adapt this style to suit your needs and lifestyle. If Boho conjures up images of free flowing hair, flowers, bare feet and big fields of grass in your mind, think again, because classy Boho chic holds its own in more formal settings. Fabrics and textures like velvet, mohair, and knits, bestow a slightly more regal air to this style. If you want to create an aura of romance, always choose light fabrics like lace and chiffon, floral embellishments, and ribbons and bows. Hippie-inspired looks can be recreated with the unbridled use of bold and bright colors and softened up with girly and romantic accents. 


Shop like a Bohemian 
Bring your Bohemian look to life with maxi dresses and skirts, crochet tops, oversized knits and shirts. Rip up your denims; load up on graphic t-shirts and heavily patterned fabrics, fur jackets and vests, and of course tunics. You will also need the right shoes and accessories, and these include ballet flats, short boots, cowboy boots, ethnic-inspired footwear, preferably in neutral shades, mostly brown or beige. When it comes to Boho accessories, the sky is absolutely the limit! Anything goes, and the more you pile on, the better. Stay warm with turbans, headwraps, long scarves, and fedora hats. Ethnic and vintage bracelets, bangles, necklaces, large pendants and earrings are all you will need to complete your look.
Wearing Boho
Because of the mostly lightweight fabrics and flowing nature of Boho style garments, there is an erroneous misconception that you can only go Boho in the summer. The truth is you can bring out your inner Bohemian any time of the year! Boho style requires that you layer clothing items, and this is a surefire way to keep yourself warm in winter too. Layered shirts, sweaters and scarves will do the trick. Leggings and skinny pants with thematic designs or patterns, that are paired up with boots are a wonderful variation for lighter clothing options when it’s cold. You can also wear Boho anywhere you go; whether it’s an outing with friends or to work, where you can reinterpret it into a more classical style by incorporating one or two Boho items into your outfit. It is also a style that goes well for formal evenings, shopping trips, traveling and even lounging around at home if you have company. Be a true Bohemian-ista and go as far as your imagination takes you!
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