Spring-Summer 2020 Ready-To-Wear

Elie Saab

From its revered hill-tops, to its spectacular plains, sandy deserts and flowing rivers, the African landscape, has long triggered fascination and thirst for discovery.
This ELIE SAAB Spring-Summer 2020 Ready-To-Wear collection presents expedition-chic pieces that project both a free-spirited, independent personality, as well as graceful elegance, balancing the collection between adventure and luxury.
A reflection of the diversity that animates the great savannas of Africa, the collection features an array of styles to suit the ever-changing moods and activities the journey may entail. From crisp shirt-dresses and jackets, with utilitarian pockets and gold grommet styling, to more romantic jumpsuits and long flowy dresses embellished with signature beading and accentuated necklines, every piece highlights the feminine silhouette, as well as a ladylike approach to adventure.
Throughout the collection, a play on volumes is apparent as lace and taffeta sleeves are puffed up, mousseline pleats and draped satin bring movement to long skirts and dresses, with crepe and organza adding touches of playful frilling.
With their long, yet light and waving in the wind cuts, capes and caftans feature in a colourful geometric print, inspired by both tribal art and the breath-taking views of the vast African plains. The overall colour palette sees pale safari-inspired hues and earth tones mix seamlessly with stronger reds, blues and yellows that come in as block-coloured looks. 
African bead necklaces and bracelets are revisited, while long gold chains with metallic medallions drop down to adorn the neck and chest.
Earrings feature wooden beads, and wide bangles cuff the wrists and forearms. At the waist, metallic chain belts sit on the hips, and wide leather belts are strapped into place, highlighting the feminine silhouette at its best.


Bags this season come in the form of cabas with ELIE SAAB emblem embossing, and clutches in leather and colourful woods.
The end result is an ELIE SAAB Spring-Summer 2020 Ready-To-Wear collection that inspires adventure, that thrives on discovery, and that lets the mind wander across untamed landscapes, all in safari-chic fashion.
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