Fall-Winter 2017/2018 Ready-To-Wear

Tony Ward

For the Fall Winter 2017/18 season, Tony Ward draws his inspiration from the delicacy of ice and the boldness of snow queens. The designer rediscovers the beauty and lightness of snowflakes. He revives the soft and captivating patterns of snow crystals, re-imagines the mysterious shapes of cracked ice and replicates them on his designs. 
The snow queen, the threateningly beautiful character that has been often re-invented in fictions is behind the vision of the collection. The cold and intense colors are blended together in unexpected ombré displays. The dresses are silver lilac, amber yellow, cherry red, ice blue, ultra marine, charcoal black, emerald green and white. 
The cold winter nights are reflected in this collection through the mesmerizing use of velvet, lace and embroidered tulle, crystalized flowers embroideries, unique ice cracks patterns and crystals embellishments.
Emilio Pucci 2019
Bottega Veneta
Valentino pre fall 19