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The Rug Company Latest Collaboration with Elie Saab

The Rug Company announced its latest collaboration with the House of ELIE SAAB creating three modern rug designs, inspired by the signature elements of the house style: a fusion of femininity, luxury and modernity. The collection takes its design direction from themes that recur within the house’s aesthetic: foliage, floral motifs, texture and abstraction. Each design effortlessly depicts a creative vision while highlighting the quality of craftsmanship and materials required to achieve it.  
In Bloom features oversized florals in shimmering silk tones of teal, gun metal and green. Challenging the traditional format of a rug, the blooms burst from both ends of the rug and reach for its centre, creating an elegant mirror pattern.
Lace Leaves translates the delicate lace motifs prevalent in Saab’s work. Abstracted leaves in raised silk yarns float on a matte wool background of the same color, allowing the natural lustre of the hand spun silk to depict the design in an elegant and impactful way. 
The Brushstrokes design is an abstraction of painterly movements (available from March 2017). Many subtle colors are at play in this design, gently merging together in shimmering silk yarns. The meticulous craftsmanship of The Rug Company’s weavers ensures that each tone of the palette is perfectly matched in lustrous silk, and then carefully blended with its neighbors to give a subtle but highly decorative effect. 
All three rugs have been expertly woven by hand by The Rug Company’s weavers in Nepal, using age old weaving techniques and the finest natural yarns. The collection is available exclusively from The Rug Company’s showrooms worldwide.
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