Middle East

Souk El Tayeb Inaugurates a New Tawlet, Tawlet Saida

Souk el Tayeb adds a new chapter to its story of #MakeFoodNotWar, with the opening of a new Tawlet, Tawlet Saida, located in the heart of the historic Old Souk, facing Saida's Old Port.
Tawlet Saida was developed in partnership with the Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development, to develop the skills of the local community of women and share the rich culinary heritage of Saida’s traditional cuisine. All cooks in Tawlet Saida attended capacity building trainings focusing on cooking, hygiene and communication, provided by Souk el Tayeb.
Tawlet Saida is a two-floor restaurant and café, where visitors can have lunch in the upper floor, or buy local products from Saida from the “Dekkenet” located in the first floor.
“Tawlet Saida will bridge social, ethnic and political differences in this beautiful region, bringing together people from various cultures and background, thus mirroring the positive impact of conviviality and coexistence, while telling the story of Saida through food, not war.” said Kamal Mouzawak, the man behind Souk el Tayeb.
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