Meaningful Jewelry by Maja Arnold

Maja Arnold is a jewelry designer who reinterprets the distinctive, powerful elegance of calligraphy and design language, bringing to life every letter in the alphabet. A compassionate artist, Arnold turned a personal tragic loss and a painful experience into an outlet of healing and hope. 
After a complicated pregnancy with twin babies, Arnold gave birth to Isabella and Lukas, who weighed only two pounds each. A few months later, Arnold and her husband lost Isabella to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). After enduring the pain of her lost child, Arnold hoped to get pregnant again and prayed to God to have another girl. Her prayers were answered when she gave birth to a girl, named Ella. However, only a year later, the family was faced with another struggle when it was discovered that Lukas had a kidney tumor and was diagnosed with stage-three cancer. 
An artist at heart, Arnold, who holds a degree in typography, used her passion for drawing as a way of healing from these family tragedies. She started sketching and putting together the initials of her three children, creating an original, one-of-a-kind silver necklace that she kept close to her heart as a way to keep all her children with her at all times. It wasn’t long before people noticed her unique jewelry and asked her to create custom monogram necklaces for them.
Today, Lukas is a healthy boy and Arnold continues to design from her studio in Seattle, Washington. Her unique creations have attracted many admirers, including some Hollywood celebrities. Her necklaces, consisting of words or initials, are cast in silver or gold, and can also have diamonds and precious stones incorporated into them. No matter what metal you use, the designs are all modern, sleek, and chic. In fact, every design is unique. Every design is inspired by a personal story, and therefore carries a special meaning to the person wearing it.
For Arnold, designing is an outlet that helps her find peace and healing. However, through her artistic journey, she has been able to create jewelry with a stand-out design as well as meaningful symbols that enable her clients to keep their loved ones close to heart at all times. 
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