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What your drink says about you!

It’s safe to say that at one time or another you’ve considered what message your personal style is sending about you.  You know your skinny jeans on ballerina flats and cropped jacket reflect a casual, comfortable, yet stylish nature.  When you put on your little black dress paired with stilettos and fabulous makeup, it’s clear you’re ready for a night of entertainment.  We’ve all thought about how our hair, makeup and clothes reflect our personality, but have you ever wondered what your drink choice says about you?  Before you order your next beverage of choice, read our general guide and find out what you are unknowingly revealing about yourself…
You’re laid back, sociable, and have a lot of friends, both male and female.  You don’t take things too seriously and you are more than content to just hang out with your friends and enjoy some pizza while you watch your favorite show.  You like spending lazy Sundays at your local pub chatting away about anything from current events to what’s new on the music scene.     
You’ve got class, or at least you like to think you do!  You’re able to discuss a range of issues from politics to art, and appreciate the company of people who challenge you intellectually or excite your interest in lesser known topics. You prefer going to nightspots where you can actually hear what the person next to you is saying.  If you’re a wine-drinker and don’t fit this description, chances are you are aspiring to.  
You like to enjoy life and find ordinary moments worth celebrating.  You’re upbeat and optimistic.  Be careful though, your choice of bubbly is also very telling:  ordering some pricey French champagne can reveal that you have expensive taste.  If you’re buying your own drink, it shows you don’t mind spoiling yourself and that you’re not only upbeat, but also independent.  If your date is buying your champagne, it could be sending the message that you’re a high maintenance kind of girl! This guy is fully aware of the fact that being with you means picking up some hefty tabs. 
You’re a party person with a wild streak.  You like to get in the festive mood fast, and you don’t mind staying out all night having a good time.  You’re not shy on the dance floor – or busting a move on the bar – at least not after you’ve knocked back a few shots.  You’re approachable and likely to dance with strangers.  You’re just out to have some fun with your friends and aren’t too concerned about what others think of you.
You roll with the big boys.  You’re a straightforward, no-nonsense person, and enjoy the company of similarly strong individuals.  You say what’s on your mind and are confident in social gatherings.  You’re likely to be witty and a go-getter in life who isn’t afraid of challenges.  The whiskey-drinking woman is attracted to alpha-males who can handle their masculinity and aren’t afraid to show it!
This one’s a bit tricky.  Vodka is versatile, and often, so is the vodka-drinker.  If you’re taking it straight or with a bit of soda water you’re likely to be similar to the whiskey drinker, only more approachable.  A vodka with redbull screams party-person who is ready for a long night of dancing, while vodka cranberry or orange juice reveals a lack of adventurism with alcohol and a desire to stick to what you know and are comfortable with.  
You’re fun, and know that it’s going to be a great night – or day.  You enjoy Mexican restaurants, themed nightspots, concerts, and the beach.  You’re pretty casual, and laugh easily.  Somewhere inside you there’s a hippy just waiting to come out, and depending on how many margaritas you have, your inner bohemian reveals herself. 
You waited in anticipation for the Sex and the City movies and went along with all your girlfriends to watch them on the big screen.  You pride yourself on being fashion-conscious and always looking your best! You have a large group of female friends and you never say no to a good gossip session.  Your social circle is very distinct: self-centered female friends who like to show off and outdo each other, and male admirers willing to pamper you and pay for your lifestyle. 
You’re suave and sophisticated – or you’re trying very hard to give off this impression!  To avoid looking like a try-hard, stick with the classic gin or vodka martini, and stay away from more recent twists like chocolate or appletini!
Long Island Ice Tea
There are two possible reasons for any person to drink this: You are 19 and think the idea of having so many different types of alcohol in one drink is cool, or you have a drinking problem…
Pina Colada
You like sing-alongs and relaxed nights out in the most casual of attire.  You’re a happy-go-lucky kinda gal, and can be found singing Jimmy Buffet to random strangers, while twirling your novelty umbrella and dancing barefoot.  You’re not trying to prove anything – we all know how fruity and sweet your drink tastes – your only concern is when your next pina colada will be ordered poolside while on vacation. 
You like to think you’re exotic, especially when you loudly pronounce it Mo-khee-to at the bar.  You dream of traveling and long for the day when you sip away your favorite drink in Havana, listening to the sounds of salsa, telling tales of your adventures traveling the world.  You are attracted to that which is different to you, and are always ready to try something new.
Bloody Mary 
You’re comfortable drinking at any time of the day.  You enjoy barbeques, long lunches that lead into the evening, and being outdoors.  You tell yourself you’re being healthy by drinking tomato juice and munching on celery – this is all part of your justification for any-time-of-the-day-drinking – and if it helps take the sting out of running errands and school drop-offs and pick-ups, then so be it! 
So the next time you’re ordering a drink at the bar, just remember that you may be revealing more about your personality than you think – even before you start drinking!
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