The Romantic City of Prague

Having visited numerous countries in the past, I decided a few years ago to stop in a new city to unwind for a couple of days before heading to the United States where I was spending Christmas with family and friends.  I was eager to see the Czech Republic, the country that was part of the USSR not too long ago, and was closed for tourists and away from the media scene for a long time.  Prague seemed to perfectly fit my love for adventure, my passion for discovering new places, and my interest in relating my personal travel experiences to the magazine’s readers. 
Christmas is a holiday that I look forward to every year.  It is the time of year when I let the trials of our daily modern life take a back seat to the simple joys of holiday gatherings and cheer.  So I wanted to be in a place where I can be completely immersed in the holiday spirit, and Prague offered exactly that!  
December 22nd, 7:00am: The temperature is -10°C, yet I find myself standing on the historic Charles Bridge, taking in the amazing scenery.  Charles Bridge is one of Prague's most romantic places.  It connects the two sides of Prague as it crosses the Vltava River. 
The bridge, lined on both sides by beautiful statues, was packed with locals, tourists, and students visiting from nearby European countries.  The cold weather and snow did not stop artists from exhibiting their paintings and artwork out in the open air.  From Charles Bridge I could enjoy scenic views of the Old Town, St. Vitus's Cathedral (the biggest church in Prague), and the Prague Castle – a historic site where the kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperors, and presidents of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic have had their offices.
Moving on to the Old Town Square, the heart of the city of Prague, I was totally stunned by the architectural splendors of the Medieval, Baroque, and Renaissance buildings.  The Old Town Hall Tower and Astronomical Clock, the Museums of Decorative Arts, the church of Our Lady before Tyn, and the stunning St. Nicholas church are just a few of the magnificent sites to enjoy! 
After taking a stroll along the meandering cobblestone streets, I stopped at one of the quaint shops that sells hand-made crystal objects – the best souvenir you could get from Prague.  Next, I made a stop at a nearby café for a warm soup.  I could hear classical music coming from every corner as songs by Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, and even Christmas carols filled the air.  So I eagerly followed the sounds that took me from one small performing group to another, trying not to miss a single musical event, and ended my evening in the Prague State Opera. 
Visiting the romantic city of Prague was an amazing experience.  I couldn’t help but admire the passion and appreciation that Czech people have for music and art.  The city that I haven’t stopped visiting ever since, is to me the city of love!
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Bottega Veneta
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