Santorini: Greece's Heavenly Sea Views, Mountains and Volcanos

With a small population of approximately 14,000, this 73-square-kilometer world-famous island is a top travel destination. Santorini, in the southern Aegean's Cyclades islands of Greece, is one of the most beautiful locations on the globe. It brings together heavenly sea-views with historic mountainous and volcanic scenes. This divine location, also known as Thira, was originally hit by a volcanic eruption, destroying the early settlements and leaving them in ruins. From the ashes of the old came the greatness of the new and improved Santorini. 
Along with its physical beauty, Santorini has established its reputation as having one of the hottest nightlife in Europe. From chill-out pubs to the most prominent clubs, Fira, Santorini’s capital, offers you a wide variety of entertainment to suit any occasion. To spice-up your vacation with some culture, you may want to join the locals in the “mpouzouki” dance, a traditional Greek dance, which is known for its long duration.  Fira is also internationally renowned for its high-end cuisines and restaurants including the classical zest Mediterranean food along with the rich flavors of the traditional Greek and Italian cuisines. 
Spoil yourself with the latest couture and designer clothes in the heart of Fira, or roam Gold Street, known as one of the biggest gold and silver markets in Greece, and let the diamonds and gems entangle you in their crisp cuts and great variety. 
The best time to visit this astounding island is between mid-spring and late summer. Travel packages to Santorini are reasonably priced and include accommodation, sightseeing tours and sea cruises.
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