Private Islands for Rent: The Ultimate Escape

What could be more tranquil, relaxing and luxurious than vacationing on your own private island?  With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the pressures of work and family responsibilities, and the stress of commuting and living in a fast-paced urban environment, who hasn’t dreamed of getting away from it all by escaping to their very own piece of paradise?  

Well, several innovative developers have created little slices of paradise all over the globe--just for you!  There are many privately-owned islands around the world that are available for rent. Whatever your taste, whatever your budget, you can find a location that caters to your needs, and offers whatever your heart desires!  Imagine the serenity of listening to the music of the natural world; all from the comforts of a world-class resort.   These private islands provide all of this and more, so what are you waiting for?


Cayo Espanto – Belize
Situated on a peninsula jutting out into the warm, aqua waters of the Caribbean, Belize is a traveler’s dream, with shores covered in lush tropical foliage and still rather undiscovered.  Three miles out into the sea from San Pedro is Cayo Espanto, an enchanting world-class private island that combines luxury and seclusion.  There, guests may rent one of the seven ultra-chic private villas or the entire four-acre island!
The wooden villas are tastefully decorated, each with its own heated tranquility pool and private dock, where you can enjoy a candlelight dinner while listening to the gentle lapping of waves.  The island’s award-winning chef tailors each meal to your specifications, and the staff serves them whenever and wherever you wish; even to a private picnic on a secluded beach, where you will be left alone until you summon the butler to return. 
Spend your days kayaking, scuba-diving, snorkeling, relaxing in a hammock, or never leave your bed…it’s up to you.  The thick foliage of the silver-trunked black mangrove trees, palm trees and other tropical flora keep your little slice of paradise secluded and intimate, so you can feel like you are on your own island.  That’s probably one of the reasons why celebrities such as Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio keep returning to Cayo Espanto.
Cayo Espanto offers around-the-clock room service. Order from their exquisite menu of spa treatments and have the on-site massage therapist come to your own private oasis!  At Cayo Espanto, nothing has been overlooked!
Rates start at $1,495 per night during the summer and fall and go up to $3,395 per night in December. You may rent the entire island with a maximum of 18 guests for $13,500 per night in the summer and fall, or $19,500 per night during the holiday season. All rentals require a minimum stay of four nights. Rates include airport transfer, butler service, meals, snacks and drinks.
Rental rates start at $1,495/night (low season) and $3,395/night (high season) for one villa; or $13,500/night (low season) and $19,500/night (high season) for the entire island (up to 18 guests).  

Ile de Patiras – France
In the middle of the Gironde Estuary of the beautiful Bordeaux wine region of France is Ile de Patiras, a privately-owned island where you will be taken back in time to an era of simplicity and childlike wonder.  Hop on a private boat from Pauillac to be whisked away to the island, where your hosts will drop you off onto a small floating pontoon and escort you and your luggage to a place of unparalleled tranquility.  Chateau Trinite Valrose was originally a 19th century vineyard, with its rustic estate and vineyard buildings recently converted into holiday cottages or “gîtes”.  The 12-acre property is sheltered by mature trees and chateau gardens, providing privacy and plenty of room for frolicking and playing amongst an abundance of native birds, butterflies and wildflowers.  Most of the island is covered in vines and maize, along with a few other friendly neighbors (over a mile away), with no roads, cars, or any of the other disturbances of modern life.  
Ile de Patiras is an enchanting island paradise perfect for the whole family.  The two gîtes have modern kitchens but retain their charming original stone walls, with beamed ceilings, wooden and tiled floors and large, airy bedrooms. Gîte Trompeloup sleeps up to ten people in four bedrooms; while Gîte Cazeau sleeps up to five people in two bedrooms.   Outdoors, you can bask on lounge chairs by the ten-meter pool which is sheltered by a walled courtyard.  Take a stroll along the private shoreline, bask in the sunlight of the private gardens, or relax in a hammock as the children run through the fields and climb trees, with no worries about traffic.  Activities include canoeing, sailing, table tennis, and pool volleyball. There’s also a play area, plenty of space for all kinds of ball games, and a petting farm with friendly sheep and chickens (and fresh eggs every day).
Included in each stay is two free boat trips across the river per day, in case you want to take a day trip to go shopping and then dine out at local eateries along the Gironde in Pauillac, head to the sandy shores of the Atlantic for surfing and swimming, or even to the largest sand dunes in all of Europe, Dune de Pyla.   
A steal at $1,100 per week, the price includes use of the facilities, and transportation to and from the island. Additional services can be provided at a small fee including the preparation of full course French meals, grocery delivery and even babysitting.
Rental rates start at $1,100/week for one gîte, or $2,300/week for both gîtes (the entire island).

Cousine Island – Seychelles
One thousand miles off the coast of continental Africa, deep within the warm, turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean is Cousine Island, Seychelles, one of the most beautiful and ecologically important private islands in the world! With only four private villas on the island and a maximum capacity of 10 people, guests of Cousine Island are guaranteed privacy and a feeling of ownership.   This luxury resort also prides itself on being eco-friendly with a 5-star eco-active rating. This little island is not only a luxury escape, but also a wildlife sanctuary teeming with sea turtles, rare birds and tropical fish.  The peacefulness and tranquility of this hidden gem of an island will make you feel like you have gone back in time with its astonishingly surreal beauty.
The villas are open and airy, with large bedrooms overlooking the tropical seas and outdoor showers, perfect for rinsing off after rolling around on the beautiful white sand.
Feast on gourmet, international and Creole-inspired meals prepared by two highly talented Seychellois chefs.  Visit the Beach House Spa and Wellness Center to be pampered from head to toe!  Sit back on the beach and try some island-style shore fishing, snorkel among the sea turtles and explore the colorful coral reefs, or just relax and simply gaze at the horizon!
Cousine Island was originally purchased in 1992 to restore the balance of flora and fauna to create a safe environment for the successful breeding and nesting of marine turtles.  Over the years many of the pristine islands of the Seychelles have been environmentally degraded, and Cousine Island is truly a remarkable success story of returning the island to its natural state.  Non-native species have been removed and numerous species of the unique, natural flora and fauna of the islands have been reintroduced.  
Various measures are taken to ensure the balanced harmony of the natural world, even with a luxury resort sharing the space. Some such measures include harnessing sun and wind power for a smaller carbon footprint, recycling biodegradable waste for composting in the island’s garden, and collecting rain water which is then purified for drinking and bathing; even the pool is filled with rainwater!  Guests are also encouraged to participate in the conservation efforts on the island. This can be anything from monitoring the sea turtles, to planting a tree, or merely laying on the beach, because truly anyone who visits Cousine Island is supporting the conservation of the island! 
Guests can rent a single villa for $2,065 per night, or rent out the entire island for an exclusive reunion with friends or a memorable family getaway for $8,000 per night. The cost includes all meals and beverages, and a complimentary 20-minute spa treatment of your choosing. 
Rental rates start at $2,065/night for a single villa, or $8,000/night for the entire island (for up to 8 persons).
East Sister Rock Island – Florida Keys 
Situated in the warm waters of the Atlantic in the heart of the Florida Keys is East Sister Rock Island, where you will truly be on an island all to yourself!  Powered by natural wind and solar energy, this 1.37-acre island is completely self-sufficient.  The charming 5,000-square-feet three-bedroom home on the island was built on a coral reef in 1980, and features two boat docks, a helicopter pad, a 2,700-feet veranda that encircles the entire house, as well as a swimming pool.  Kick your sandals off and hop in the hammock on the veranda as the breeze gently caresses your skin.  The water surrounding the island is perfect for snorkeling or scuba-diving and is also teeming with lobsters.  So if you fancy catching a few for dinner, the opportunity awaits.  
Only two hours from Miami, this island makes a perfect getaway.  Wake up in the morning to amazing sunrises and watch the sun travel across the sky to again set in the sea in the evening with a glorious display of colors.  For those who enjoy fishing, this area is world-renowned for its unique fish including tarpon, permit, marlin, sailfish, and bonefish.  A major local activity and attraction is swimming with the dolphins!
This secluded tropical island is available for rent at $5,000/week, or $20,000/month (minimum stay is 7 nights).   
Little Whale Cay – Bahamas
Built in the 1930s in the heart of the Berry Islands, Little Whale Cay is full of Bahamian charm!  Three pastel villas are clustered together with beautiful sea views, making this a perfect place to have a retreat with a group of friends and family, up to 12 people.  The interiors are simple, airy and light with exposed beams and white walls complemented by colorful details reminiscent of the 1930s.  Coconut palms, tamarind, citrus and banyan trees encircle the property for privacy, with peacocks sleeping in the shade and flamingos and ducks frolicking in ponds not too far off. 
Float around in the tranquil infinity pool that overlooks the turquoise waters of the sea or play a competitive round of tennis.  Sail out into the water in one of the flotilla of boats and discover nearby islands. Wander around the island to find your favorite little spot to thrust your toes into the warm, white sand, to explore the flowering seaside gardens, or to pop into the island’s small “downtown” and its pastel buildings that service the 13 staff members. Regardless of what you choose to do, you will surely have a wonderful time.
You can rent the entire island for $10,500 per night.  The price includes drinks and gourmet meals by the private chef, who loves to prepare healthy, light dishes made from fresh, local ingredients such as vegetables, fish and meat.  Spa treatments are also available with an on-site masseuse for an extra charge.
Rates start at $10,500/night to rent the entire island (for maximum 12 people).  Rates include gourmet meals, drinks, and the use of boats and island facilities.
Vahine Island – French Polynesia 
If you are looking for a romantic escape, then look no further than the tropical gem called Vahine Island.  This 25-acre private island has only nine rooms – three overwater bungalows, three beach bungalows, and three deluxe beach suites, all fully decorated by a native Polynesian designer, with picturesque views that rival the best in the world. There is no entertainment system in these bungalows, but with such gorgeous nature around, who needs it?
Awake in the morning and enjoy an exotic breakfast, grab some oars and glide into the lagoon with your loved one in a Polynesian pirogue. Try your hand at windsurfing or snorkeling…just watch out for sea urchins! Rent a boat, visit a pearl farm, go for a catamaran cruise, or take a helicopter ride over the islands. For laid-back fun, play some board games on the beach, participate in a coconut weaving class or take a naturalist tour of the island with a guide.  Try out every single set of comfy lounge chairs perfectly positioned along the lagoon with different views of neighboring Bora Bora until the radiant sunset arrives, or simply take a nap in your own hammock.
There is a restaurant and a bar on the island with four-star cuisine for all your dining needs, where you can lovingly reminisce about the memories you’ve made that day. This unforgettable resort truly is exquisite and induces a calmness rarely found elsewhere.  For $650 a night, this is truly well worth it!
Rental rates start at $650/night for a villa, or $36,000/week for the entire island.  
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