Summer in Prague

Prague is in the middle of a new wave, where people are taking innovation and creativity to the next level. The city could very well be 'the new Berlin'. Cafés, bars, restaurants and events are constantly popping up all over the city and being the first one to discover them has become a bit of a competition on Instagram. 
Summer in Prague means spending your time outdoors as much as you possibly can. Naplavka (by the river), Letna Beer Garden and Riegrovy Sady are the three top summer spots if you wish to mingle with a cool crowd while admiring the city’s most charming views.
If you have enough time to venture out of Prague and want to get away from the urban buzz, you’ll be pleased to know that you won’t need to drive too far from the city to end up in a tranquil environment, where the spectacular nature setting makes it ideal for hiking and biking in the heart of nature. 
For those who opt to stay in the city, your solution to escaping the crowds is to rent your own little motorboat, cruise along the river and see Prague in a completely new light. 
Today’s Outlook contributor Kristy Tayyara sums up her top tips on how to make the most out of your visit to her home city, Prague. Enjoy!
Things to do while in Prague:
Recommendations for Cafés, Restaurants & Bars: 
To experience Czech food and local atmosphere, check out Kastrol (Ohradské Náměstí 1625/2,155 00 Praha - 5, Czech Republic )U Bansethu (Táborská 389/49,140 00 Praha, Czech Republic); Cafe Savoy (Vítězná 124/5, 150 00 Praha, Czech Republic); Lokál (Dlouhá 33,110 00 Praha, Czech Republic)
Other international cuisines to try include: Nejen Bistro (Křižíkova 24,186 00 Praha, Czech Republic); La Bottega Linka (Havlíčkova 13,110 00 Praha, Czech Republic); Kofein (Nitranská 9,130 00 Praha, Czech Republic); Sansho Petrská 25,110 00 Praha,Czech Republic).


Picnic at Riegrovy Sady (Riegrovy sady 28, 120 00 Praha 2-Vinohrady)
Naplavka’ – Drinks, food & music by the River -


Outside Prague:
Wellness Hotel – 2.5-hour drive - 
Walk around the Prachov Rocks – One-hour drive
Lunch at Abeluv Mlyn - 45-minute drive
Entrée Restaurant in Olomouc – 2.5-hour drive
Český Krumlov UNESCO World Heritage is small city in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic – 2.5-hour drive
Karlštejn Castle – 45-minute drive -


Emilio Pucci 2019
Bottega Veneta
Valentino pre fall 19