Haute Couture

Georges Hobeika Spring-Summer 2018

Delicate and refined, Maison GEORGES HOBEIKA’s Spring-Summer 2018 Couture collection finds its inspiration in Greek civilization‘s ancient magnificence. This collection is a tribute to the richness of that culture and to the variety of its heritage, whose influence continues to exercise its irresistible seductions on humanity.
Ionic column carvings seem to manifest on the graceful folds of long, vaporous tunics. Shimmering embroideries emboss luxurious fabrics, composing allegorical figures or evocative motifs. Crystals flourish on angels’ wings and shine along flowing lines, alternately evoking mythological scenes carved on friezes.
A symbol of genuine femininity and natural beauty, pearls softly enliven the curve of a sleeve or a voluptuous silhouette. Laser-cut leather appliqués  delicately recall foliage wrapped balusters or laurel wreaths. The collection’s color palette is a harmony of subtle shades that resurrect Baths’ memory, the Aegean Sea’s shimmer, the charm of pottery, and the chromatic effects of earth tone ceramics, polished marbles, or gilded bronzes.
Exquisite accessories sublimate the feminine silhouette. Angels’ wings flourish on majestic earrings and striking rings. The graceful lines of bay leaves shine brightly along a diadem. Antique lace-up sandals are evoked through gilded bracelets and leather strips that crown finely crafted stilettos.
In glorious finality, the sensuality of a caryatid and the mystery of an ancient goddess combine to form a wedding dress that attests to the Maison’s mastery. It is a cloud of finely embroidered lace.
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