Haute Couture

Georges Chakra Spring-Summer 2018

For his spring/summer haute couture collection, Georges Chakra unfolded a love story, with a fairytale ending.  
Magic in the air: love at first sight, pastel pleasures, powerful cuts that flirt with the eye, lightness, and fabrics twirling around in refined optimism.
The playful and the lightness of the fabrics are pleasantly surprising:  mini naughty dresses in the front are long and more docile in the back, beautifully draped fabrics are married with carefully exposed skin, and smoking pants are intertwined by a train, all in a cortege of modern refinement and absolute glamour... Seduction is the master of the game and comes in different pastel shades of yellow, lilac, light blue, grey, green, pink, or champagne.
Tulle, muslin, organza are geometrically folded or draped in many layers, combined with feathers, rose petals, and even highlighted with Swarovski crystals like morning dew. 
Feathers, sequins and fabrics were hand-painted at the atelier with carefully calculated brushstrokes like a watercolor painting, signed by Georges Chakra in Swarovski crystal letters: Love and be loved…

Chakra's bride wore asymmetrical multi-layered skirt full of flowers and ruffles, revealing a pretty frivolity, and was surrounded by two bridesmaids with a glowing spring aura.


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