Haute Couture

Elie Saab Spring-Summer 2020 Couture Collection

The inspiration behind the Spring-Summer 2020 haute Couture collection described by designer Elie Saab in this story: "She had a letter in her hand that was embossed with a wax stamp, inviting her to a full weekend of grand events that would gather the greatest minds in one place: Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City. A letter, she thought, a lost art from a far away time. Inspired by her dreams, ELIE SAAB Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2020 intertwines the regal past of both Europe and Imperial Mexico, bringing them together in the present.
She took a deep breath and in that moment, she was transported to a grand marble hallway in the 19th century castle on the hilltop. It was late afternoon and the light through the stain-glass windows reflected a golden glow in the sequins imperial embroidery of her pearl tulle dress. She led her fingers down the long sleeves, to the transparent geometric netting weaved throughout the bodice. Then, she playfully swung her hips back and forth to feel the movement of her ruffled mini skirt and its floor length train. 
In a chartreuse dress, half embroidered with shapes of the imperial emblem and touches of flora at the fitted bodice, she spun around taking in the sheer majesty of the entrance hall, the long flowy skirt and the sleeves of the dress moved with her. She thought of every moment, how she would feel, how she would look, how she would shimmer in the light, fluid fabrics. The crepe mermaid dress in grey-blue with a peplum hip and a front or side slit would be a perfect way to reveal her playful yet poised nature. The knee-length opaque cady dress adorned with sequins and beads mixed with subtle transparent tulle, a plunging neckline and bishop sleeves, calls attention to her confidence.  
Somewhere in the distance she hears the music of a mariachi band. She isn’t sure if it’s the slight breeze or the way the melody makes her feel, she shivers with delight. This would be the ideal moment for pants coupled with a jacket, beaded with stones and accentuated with peaked shoulders. Or perhaps even a gilded cape so that she could swing the floor-sweeping train as she walked through mazes of floral greenery.
She would detail her looks with large organza bows tied at the neck and draping down the crevice of her back, while belts highlighted her waistline and accentuated her soft silhouette.
When she threw her head back to laugh, her azalea shantung gown overlaid with a large skirt or voluminous sleeves moved effortlessly with her body. She touched her large jeweled earrings and opened discussions about her favorite poems with some of the guests. She is both daring and charming, bold and graceful, yet always refined.
As the weekend came to end she thought to herself, was it all a dream, and led her hand down the banister of the mezzanine stairs. Her bracelets gave out a soft clinking sound. No, she thought, I have just lived a dream."
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