Haute Couture

Atelier Versace Fall-Winter 2017/2018

Precision and lightness – tailored lines and graphic volumes meet the ethereal. This collection balances the attitude of Atelier Versace cocktail with the perfection of evening attire.
A white tuxedo jacket has long-line elegance, with a sharp shoulder and sleeves open to the elbow as if a cape. Its baroque lining is hand-painted and embroidered at the cuff.
Jumpsuits are as if armour poured onto the body, with bronze and antique gold embellishments like scales that degrade to white.
A sharp new volume is created by a long-sleeve, strong-shouldered mini-dress in antique gold leather with curved pleats at the hips, each capped by a strip of metal.
Fur is sculpted to form a voluminous cropped coat of wide sleeves, with patchworked mink and Australian long-haired fox in dramatic sinuous lines.
Architectural perfection is found in a white coat with cuffs exaggerated to create new volume, its handpainted and embroidered baroque lining visible on its wide sleeve.
Antique gold rings woven together by bands of tulle add rock attitude on a mini-dress, while a metallic leather and suede dress features baroque patchwork with transparent bands of draped ring crystals for a warrior effect.


Lace gown is held entirely by a 3D printed necklace embellished with antique gold. The lace has bronze embroidery which fades transparency.
Smocked silk chiffon creates a gown like a vision over a body of metal mesh, the smocking held by gold detailing. A 3D printed belt is articulated into the head of a snake.
The incredible artistry of the Atelier is highlighted by a white tulle gown with an expressive cascade of held pleats.


The Mosaic bracelet from the Atelier Versace Jewellery collection features diamond accents, reinterpreting a mosaic pattern in Palazzo Versace in Milan. The Daivi ring features a unique Amethyst stone surrounded by rose gold snakes resembling the mythological Medusa.


“Atelier Versace is about power and fragility, and the inner strength when the two are combined.” Donatella Versace
Emilio Pucci 2019
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