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Renew your vows, reaffirm your love

How long has it been since your wedding day? A year? A decade? More? Do you ever think back to how romantic it was to look into your spouse’s eyes and say your vows? Although every day of your marriage is a chance to keep those vows alive, it would be so much more romantic and fun to reaffirm them at a special ceremony!
The time before and during your wedding is such a whirlwind of excitement that you barely have time to catch your breath. When it’s over, it happens so quickly, it ends up being a blur. For a while at least, until everything begins to really sink in. 
Renewing your wedding vows as friends, family, and now, children look on and stand witness to the everlasting love you promised each other is a truly touching and revivifying experience for all. A wedding vows renewal ceremony gives you the chance to relive the magic in slower motion and to make some more beautiful memories. Imagine how wonderful it would be to stand before your children and reaffirm the magnitude and strength of the enduring love you share. Or even your grandchildren, you would be setting a great example and teaching them that true, lasting love is not only found in fairy tales.
Significant anniversaries are particularly appropriate times for renewing your commitment and love. Some couples choose to renew their vows after a particularly difficult crisis in their lives, like the overcoming of a serious illness or a period of separation - they want to renew their love and promises to each other!  Others simply want to reaffirm the tremendous love that has matured and deepened with the passing of years.  
Whatever your reasons are, this is your day, once again, to shine, to express your love and to fall in love all over again, so feel free to get as creative as you like. You can opt for an elaborate ceremony in a lavish setting, or a simple, heart-warming one in your own garden. Dust off your wedding gown if you still have it, or have something made especially for the occasion, again, it is entirely up to you. You could even end up in shorts and Hawaiian shirts on a moonlit beach for an exotic and truly memorable ceremony.  
Make your invitations really special and personalized; some ideas could be putting your wedding portrait, or a drawing of you done by your kids or grandchildren on the cover. Play the video of your wedding at the reception, and walk down the aisle to classical music and walk out to the tunes of “your song”. Mark the occasion with a set of new wedding bands and have them specially engraved for your special day. 
Renewing your vows can be the most amazing experience of your lifetime. Whether it takes the form of a religious blessing or a non-religious but spiritual ceremony conducted by a friend, if it’s your dream, make it come true!
Why do it:
You want to celebrate your wedding anniversary
You want to celebrate your love 
You didn't have much money for your first wedding, and you want a more elaborate ceremony
You got married with only a few people present, and you'd like to say wedding vows in front of all your family and friends
You've had some rough spots in your relationship, and would like to reaffirm your commitment to one another
It’s romantic
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